Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Linux in Minutes

This is somewhat interactive video towards establishing a VoIP application server. In this video we'll see the very basic Linux installation. This is CentOS which is most popular for deploying Asterisk Open Source VoIP Servers.I've used Oracle Virtual machine, another free software to create this virtual machine. CentOS 5.5 is also available free of cost. At the end of this tutorial our CentOS machine will be ready to communicate over LAN/WAN.

A brief summary of the commands or files I've used.
Brief Description
Equivalent to Windows ipconfig to view network interfaces configured.
Output contents of file in its argument to screen
Print lines/text to screen
Append output of left command to file specified at right
ip addr
Equivalent to viewing ifconfig briefly.
File where IP addresses of DNS servers are mentioned (Imp. to resolve URLs)
Logout from terminal session.

[1] Oracle VM ::
[2] CentOS DVD ::

Centos Installation on VirtualBox from Gohar Ahmed on Vimeo.

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