Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting to know ICE

First things first, these slides belong to a very senior VoIP Guru - I am one of his big fan  and really admire his contribution to the world of VoIP, Mr. Saúl Ibarra Corretgé. He is a great helper and a huge resource on open user's mailing lists - addressing other's issues and keep on helping others until the issue is resolved.

Now back to the original topic. I know one day or another I will be working on ICE to overcome NAT issues so I viewed the blogs and books of the VoIP Experts and found these slides perfect for my tiny mind to grasp this complicated thing quite easily.

So I thought to spread the knowledge, after all that's exactly why these slides were created at the first place.
Very helpful for me atleast, I wish I find some video recording of this presentation and know all that's not in these slides. A very good point at slide-20 to take ICE into consideration before trying to change the SDPs via any other functions.

I always appreciate people who share their knowledge. This was just an intro for me. I know I'll be working with NAT problems soon enough so why not take a head start. I hope I will be posting some more things about NAT issues in VoIP and their solutions sometime.

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