Saturday, December 15, 2012

Call Center Solution : Techincal Review

Technical Review
Hosted Call Center Solution
(by Tech Bridge Consultancy)

This is a technical review of a Hosted Call center solution which is an all in one stop for all the call center components required in any such setups. This is developed by my senior friends in my country and I think this product needs appreciation since this is one of a kind solution which is developed in my region for International users.

This hosted call center server is Linux based with Asterisk as its telephony back end and uses Microsoft Silverlight for its User Interfaces. 

The most appealing features which I found are its sleek design and performance compared to other available products. It has a very rich feature set in both telephony as well as in CRM areas. 

Focusing the VoIP component first, it has the ability to run multiple clients with multiple campaigns in parallel and each campaign can have as many agents and super agents as needed.  The agents need not to be using SIP phones, the calls can be routed to agents using cellular or regular land lines via client specified gateway. 

Another big feature is its Predictive Autodialer which calculates the campaign agents available and trigger outbound calls. We can set outbound Caller ID for campaigns too. What I liked most about it is the availability of designing a custom IVR tree such that as soon as any autodialed caller answers it can get landed on the IVR and then can proceed by going into any category i.e press 1 for maintenance, 2 for operations..etc. This can be pretty handy to sort down the responses and areas where most of the campaign callers went.

Other features include Voicemails and its beautiful interface to listen to the recorded messages, Live calls super agent panel, live call monitoring, and Real Time Call Data Records. 

The other major component which can not be ignored here is its GUI, where we can manage our everything, collect reports, schedule meetings, manage leads and so on.

From Call Center point of view we can have super agents/supervisors and regular call center agents. Agents can be assigned priority according to their skill. There is ofcourse an in build Softphone in the GUI and a notification pop ups for each incoming call. Yes, only privileged agents can make outbound calls and regular agents can only receive calls. 

Agents can drag and drop schedule meetups for the mature leads. There is a very powerful utility available for managers to collect all campaigns statistics for analysis. 

Like any other competing solution they've focused necessarily on reporting and a very strong reporting is made available for administrators and super agents. 

The above screenshot explains the reporting features. 

From my personal experience this application is quite wonderful and works perfectly for any required customer services solution. Inbuilt Predictive Dialer, custome IVR building, Agent management, Agent performance monitoring, campaign reporting is all that one can wish for in this category. More than anything with simple addition of powerful proxy like OpenSIPS or Kamailio it can be scaled horizontally and handle as many concurrent calls as needed.

I wish my friend best of luck for this product and hope they keep up doing this good professional work in the world of VoIP.


  1. Nice Review! I would like to suggest you to share latest information on telecom services and their products

  2. Hi - Thanks for the nice suggestion. I am actually focusing more on spreading the VoIP knowledge , as much as I have out to people who can learn from it and use it. That enhances my own grip on the subject as well.

    Sharing Telco services and their products can be a part of this blog or maybe I should start a parallel blog for that purpose. What do you suggest ?

  3. A good technical review on the call center solution and good explanation on the reporting features using the same.

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